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Presentational Speaking provides communication training to individuals and groups. We focus on public speaking, media interviewing, and PowerPoint training. We put clients on their feet, thinking, speaking and practicing effective communication skills, while receiving real-time feedback. Communicating is doing. Our PowerPoint Workshops help speakers transform the way they use this important business tool. We don't talk at you, we coach!

Many public speaking trainers propose that you would become the consummate presenter if you did X and if your listeners perceived the same X. But you know, training isn't that simple! Cookie cutter methods waste time and money. The purpose of training should not be to describe an ideal presenter for you to emulate -- that would be acting and it makes anxiety worse.

An example of our coaching

Our techniques for improving posture take advantage of the natural actions of your body.  One simple exercise is Landing a Jump. This uses the body’s innate reaction of landing a jump safely to establish a natural position for your feet. Unless, you've dedicated numerous hours to ballet training, a simple jump straight upward results in a natural reaction to land safely.  Any secondary changes in your landing position should tell you that your normal stance is an unnatural position.

Think posture is no big deal? Your posture sets the foundation for all other communicative actions from gestures to eye engagement. Others make judgments about your speech based on your posture before you ever say a word.


Individual or Group Coaching

Effective training is doing. We put you on your feet practicing techniques that develop your skills as a powerful communicator.

Design Powerful PowerPoints

Too many presentations emphasize information. Replace an outdated info delivery approach with an action perspective. Learn to create powerful speeches.

Speech Writing Seminars

Speech writing and writing are two distinct brain processes. Forcing yourself to write in a style that doesn't match your speaking results in frustration and speech anxiety.


  • Reducing anxiety

    Conquer your speech anxiety using our scientifically based techniques.

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    Fine tune your abilities with these insights into speaking and media interviewing.

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