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USING A WALL TO IMPROVE POSTURE -- This technique uses a wall to shape posture by establishing a physical barrier to leaning forward. You can substitute a hanging towel for the wall or wear a ball cap if you feel that you might lean too far forward. The bill of the cap will touch the wall first. Face a wall or towel with your feet parallel about five inches apart and approximately five inches away from the baseboard, or the imaginary baseboard if using a towel. Your feet should be perpendicular to the wall. If you lean forward, you will discover that your face is too close to the wall or towel. If you lean backward, you will notice more distance between you and the wall or towel.

USING A HANDSHAKE TO IMPROVE GESTURES -- A handshake is a good template for an effective gesture. Unless a handshake has been over rehearsed, an out-stretched arm at the beginning of a handshake mirrors the same arm movement of an engaging gesture. Stand an arm's length away from a wall. This distance approximates the length of an out-stretched arm at the beginning of a handshake. Imagine the wall as the fingertips of a person reaching to shake your hand. Say the word "you" while gesturing toward the wall. Because a gesture's movement should be synchronized with the emotional tone of your voice, change the meaning of the word "you" each time it's said. Target three different locations to test how the sounds and movements change. Emphasizing the word with louder volume should result in your fingers touching the wall. If they do not, you are either deemphasizing the word or mechanically withdrawing your arm inward, precluding natural arm movements. Louder volume typically increases the range of movement. If you cannot feel the difference, shout the word "you" and whisper it. Your body should communicate these arguments differently. The shout should be accompanied with larger, bolder gestures, while the whisper will be synchronized with smaller, quieter, inward hand movements. 

MANUSCRIPT LAYOUT-- Difficult or foreign words -- You can spell words that are difficult to pronounce by spelling them they way they sound. John F. Kennedy did this for his June 26, 1963 "Ic bin ein Berliner" ("I am a Berliner") speech.

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