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Presentational Speaking focuses on making you a unique communicator, not an actor. We train you to minimize distractions. Our process, developed over decades of international experience, is base6 on research, not folklore or gimmicks.

Tired of PowerPoint lectures on public speaking? Passive approaches to training are ineffective because they focus on the wrong person - the trainer. Listening to an expert speak about speaking leaves you with the same skills you had when you arrived. Effective training is doing. The purpose of communication training should not be to describe an ideal presenter for you to emulate -- that would be acting and it makes anxiety worse.

Individual Coaching for Executives

Group Workshops

Media Interview Training

PowerPoint Workshops

Training should make your communication more powerful. Presentational Speaking has coached international political leaders, U.S. Senators, governors, executives, international media personnel, broadcasters, sports personalities, scientists, and medical researchers.

Client comments...

"You changed my life!"
- Senior researcher who speaks English as a 3rd language

"Your coaching is like going to a professional spa."
- Vice-President, Science and Technology

"Your strategies and insights helped me win the debate."
- United States Senator

"I finally feel in control when I'm speaking."
- Vice-President of Development

Individual or Group Coaching

Effective training is doing. We put you on your feet practicing techniques that develop your skills as a powerful communicator.

Design Powerful PowerPoints

Too many presentations emphasize information. Replace an outdated info delivery approach with an action perspective. Learn to create powerful speeches.

Speech Writing Seminars

Speech writing and writing are two distinct brain processes. Forcing yourself to write in a style that doesn't match your speaking results in frustration and speech anxiety.


  • Reducing anxiety

    Conquer your speech anxiety using our scientifically based techniques.

  • Speech tips

    Fine tune your abilities with these insights into speaking and media interviewing.

  • Resources

    Research our comprehensive list of resources for public speaking.